Pixel Mountain Studios

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Professional Training with the personal touch.

There are a lot of sources of training today for those who need to pick up some new skills.  What makes my training different is the one-on-one training.  I tailor the training targeted to your specific needs and on your schedule.  All my training is performed though a remote session.  It is just like me setting beside you and coaching you on your own computer.  But my training goes must further than just the training sessions.  I then become your own personal support tech.  Have a problem, give me a call.  If you are looking to make a purchase of some technology, again, just call me.  I will bring to you over 40 years of Information Technology Experience and over 15 years of training on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.  

If you would love to up your game or take your photography further, or if you would like to learn to create art like I do, then contact me for your free first session evaluation.  We can discuss your goals and set up a plan to help you learn the secrets of creating amazing art.

email me at mike@mikeadkins.info

This is Pixel Mountain Studios

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