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Enter for a chance to win

Even if you have competed this form before, re-enter for a chance to win the monthly print.  Only enter once a month.  Duplicate entries will be deleted before the random drawing. You will be notified by email if you won, and at that time I will request shipping information.  There is no cost to win, and no shipping cost.  Winners are randomly selected using Excels Random Selection Algorithm.  The winner will be selected on the first of the following month.  If you should have any questions please email me at mike@mikeadkins.info.

If you purchase the print and then end up winning the contest, you will be given the option to select one of any other digital print on my website.  

I want to hear from you.  Did you meet me?  Did you find me on Social Media?  I am so glad you found my website and would love to hear from you.  If you would like to receive my newsletter or information about my latest art project, just indicate that in the form below.  

This is Pixel Mountain Studios & Mike Adkins Art

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