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Website Design and Management Services

There are so many choices for websites that it can be overwhelming.  If you have a website now and are not happy with the service you are getting, or the cost, or you do not have a website and want one.  I am here to help you.  I have been managing and designing websites since 1970 and have the technical skills plus the graphic design background to be the perfect person for your site.  And I have a list of companies and individuals that I have designed their websites or manage it.  Contact me for a list.

Here is just a small list of services I offer.

  • Domain Move
  • Hosting (I host as a Pro Member of GoDaddy)
  • Email Management and Microsoft Office 365
  • SSL Security.
  • DNS
  • Website Setup with WordPress and Oxygen Builder.
  • eCommerce Design and Management
  • Security Management and Monitoring. 
  • Backup Services
  • All websites are designed to format the device being used to view it.  So your site will look good on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • More

And if you want to manage your own website, or own the URL and hosting, and want training on how to manage your own site, Great!  I can sure help you with that.  

For a free consultation on your needs and goal and a competitive quote, please complete the form below.

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