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About Our Art

Art Prints

When ordering a print from our store, you can be assured of getting the highest quality piece of art possible.  We take great care in every step of the process.  

Pigment-based ink system. Each print is hand-produced one at a time using the Lucia Pigment Ink System which produces rich blacks and a superb gamut range and is considered museum quality. 

Palo Duro Etching Paper
Made from 100% cotton rag, Palo Duro Etching 315 gives you the classic look of a fine art print. The surface adds just the right amount of texture to your print and will not distract from the details.  This OBA-free archival paper is ideal for museum-quality and conservation-grade prints. 

Museum Grade

This means a museum curator would be comfortable putting this paper on display. The keys to museum quality are 100% cotton fiber, acid-free, lignin-free, and optical brightener (OBA) free.

This is Pixel Mountain Studios

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