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Pixel Mountain Gallery

Welcome to our gallery.  Please feel free to browse around and study each works of art.  You are free to use any of the works to create your own art, but please do not copy and misrepresent any of the art.  Also, flash photography is strictly forbidden.  Have a great day and if you wish to comment drop me an email at mike@mikeadkins.info


Digital Paintings

In this room you will see some select works of art created digitally.  That means they were painted using Adobe Photoshop and a graphics tablet.  If you would like to learn the art of painting digitally please reach out and contact me.  I offer one-on-one Adobe Photoshop training.  

Composite Art   

This is the method of combining photography elements into a digital work of art.  This was a development process where I wanted to get more out of my photography.  I realized that I could not only take pictures of scenes but also elements within the scene that I could use to create entirely new images.  Compositing is also known as photo bashing allows me to combine elements in a way that would not be possible in the real word.  If you have questions or would love to lean compositing reach out to me.  

Graphite Art

For quite some time I did a lot of graphite art.  Mostly setting in Starbucks in Huntington West Virginia.  Each was drawn on a 16x20 piece of matt board.  Some were also commissioned drawings that I did for clients.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did enjoy crating them.


This is a new initiative for me.  I started my venture into this media about March of 2022.  So I have a long way ahead of me.  I love the leaning process and have immersed myself into the media and now practice every day.  If you are interested in helping support my art and would like to purchase an original signed watercolor, or a signed print, please email me at mike@mikeadkins.info  

This is Pixel Mountain Studios

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